Forthcoming Rallies – events in July 2006
The next event for leighrallying is the Quinton rally in llandovery, mid Wales on the 8th July. After a disastrous Red dragon rally the car has had a major overhaul in the search for more power, throttle bodies are now being put on the car as well as a new exhaust and a major head skim…continued

Red Dragon Rally – May 2006
We got to Swansea in plenty of time for scrutineering, the only problem was the weather lashing down with rain, which was going to make the next day intresting. We met up with Iain one of the service crew and off we went no problems with the car so we had two new tyres fitted and off to get signed on

Humberside Rallly – March 2006
Well the weekend started off badly with both Rob and Darren getting stuck in traffic, Rob on th M62 and Darren on the M1.With only 15mins to go before scruteering closed the car was unloaded from the tralier and was raced around to noise testing the off to the scruteering tent. With the car all passed the boys were off to get signed on and then off to find the hotel and bar,,,, continued

Staples2Naples Rally 2005
Rob and Iain competed in the 2005 Staples2Naples £100 BangerRally across Europe winning individual day competitions and ‘Best Bodge’ and ‘Best Car’ of the event. Andy had planeed to take part and the three of hem raised almost £5000 for Charities in the UK and Canada.

Staples2Naples Rally 2004
Rob and Iain competed in the 2004 Staples2Naples £100 Banger Rally across Europe. Unfortunately, their Sierra only lasted a day, but undaunted, the boys continued in spirit, destroying a new Fiat Punto in the process. You can read more from fellow LeighRallying member, Andy Blackmore who competed with another team

Azbinghur Stages, 2004
Leighrallying made a comback in 2004 near Bath with their rebuilt Mini 1275. New brakes, suspension, coolng and weight saving diet were topped off by a new white roof. However, despite being ahead of more powerful cars, our journey ended just 8 milesfrom homewhen the driveshaft failed

Spotted Dick and Custard, 2002
LeighRallying made their final appearance in 2002 at the “Spotted Dick and Custard” Stages at the Longcorss. The team finished in style with a personal best, 3rd in the drivers Rally 2002 Championship Class and a 2nd place for the co-drivers championship. Overall, we finished 45th (out of 80 starters) and 5th in class

Abingdon CAR-nival, 2002
A THIRD PLACE finish in class A of the “ACSMC Rally 2002” championship was the richly deserved reward for leighrallying on Sunday, at the Abingdon CAR-nival Stages. The rally, based at Dalton barracks, near Abingdon of 11 stages throughout the day totalling just over 80 stage miles,,,,, continued

Mini Tempest 2002
Two years of hard work saw the team of Rob Leigh and Andy Blackmore successfully finished in their first ever rally event, finishing 51st out of 90 starters. The “Mini-Tempest Stages”, consisted of 8 stages using different parts of the MOD track at Chertsey, Surrey,,,, continued